Online Consumer Grievance Redressal in India Jan 11th, 2018   [viewed 35 times]

Nowadays businesses are growing rapidly either is offline or online. This is why because consumers needs and consumer requirements are also increasing. A consumer wants a best and perfect goods as per his/her needs. These needs of consumer and services of manufacture or companies generate a marketplace.  In this marketplace, consumers are like a king because he/she can choose the best product from the best company at appropriate market cost. Some consumers are very innocent they are cheated by companies or seller. This why because consumer don't have sufficient awareness about their consumer rights. Most of the time we found consumers got defective, used,  wrong and worst product instead of their demanded product. When they raise their voice then companies suppress the voice of consumers. In this situation, online consumer grievance redressal forum is helpful for those consumers who feel they are cheated by the company or frustrated with customer pathetic services.

Online Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum

Online consumer grievance redressal forum is a platform where a consumer can post their complaint against the company. Online consumer grievance redressal forum helps consumers and hear consumer's voice. There are many online consumer redressal forums which work for consumer protection.  A government of India also provide their online complaint portal where a consumer can file their grievance. It works at the state and district level. Consumer file a complaint against the company and it goes to appropriate department and action can take under consumer protection act 1986. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission at the national level and State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission at state level depending upon the damage filed against the company, help consumers to resolve consumer complaints quickly. A consumer individual can file a complaint against the company at online consumer grievance redressal forum.

Online Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum in India



There are many government portals for online consumer complaints but if you want to resolve your complaint quickly then our suggestion for Voxya, online consumer complaints forum in India. It is a unique platform to file a complaint online against the company to resolve quickly and get an optimal solution for your consumer problem. It is most widely trusted online consumer forum works for consumer protection. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund, return and compensation as soon as possible. A consumer can file a complaint online at voxya just in 3 minutes.

How To File Consumer Complaint at Voxya, Consumer Forum Online

If you are interested to get a quickly and fast resolution of your consumer complaint then you need file a complaint at Voxya consumer complaint website using few basic steps.

  • Go to website and click on red button "File a Complaint"
  • You navigate to form page where you can put your information regarding your complaint and click next to navigate next page.
  • You can create an account at Voxya using Facebook social media or via email id and click next to navigate next page.
  • Here you can choose the best method to resolve your complaint and choose checkbox according to your need and submit your complaint.
  • When you submit your complaint then you can share your complaint on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc for maximum impact of your complaint.
  • After submission of your complaint Voxya team starts working on your complaint about the quick process of complaint resolution.

You can also check this video to know how to file complaint online at Voxya


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